Sunday, May 15, 2011

Home at last

It has been an extremely LONG week for sure. There is so much to write about I don’t know where to begin so I’ll start with the super painful flight over. It sucked. We went from Phoenix at 7:30 Wednesday morning, to LAX, to Shanghai, to finally arriving in Hong Kong at 11:45 Thursday night. We only stayed in Hong Kong long enough to take a few pictures looking at the island, then it was off to our new home in Guangzhou.

Our home is extremely extremely Chinese. Like, to the max. We are in a cool neighborhood one notch better than the ghettos. Our house is about the same as our house in Mesa, the only differences are that we have to boil our drinking water,  squat to go #2, flush the toilet by pouring a bucket of water into it, sleep on a piece of plywood, hand wash our clothes, and be stared at by all our neighbors. Oh, and the eggs we bought here have chicken poop on them, that wouldn’t fly at Wal-Mart in Gilbert.

I looked up our address on Google maps before we left but the actual location is about 10 miles to the west. It’s very lame considering now we are really far from my school. We aren’t sure about whether or not we are going to move closer or tough it out here.

We’ve already seen a lot of the city from our adventure of going to church today. It took 4 buses, a taxi, 3 miles of walking and 1hour 40minutes to find it but we did. Getting home it only took 3 subways, 1 bus, 5 miles of walking and 1.5 hours. It’s super crazy how many 30 story apartment complexes there is in this city, they’re everywhere!

We couldn't add any photos in this post because of [CENSORED], but we'll try again later.
Tyler and Miranda

BTW: We’ve eaten McDonalds 3 times in 2 days.


  1. glad you made it there safely!

  2. Wow, that's all I can say. It sounds exactly like Mesa, AZ! Best of luck as you figure things out. Tom

  3. hahahahahahahahhaah I am so glad it's you and not me!!!!!! Good luck over there!!!!!!! Remember, keep you eyes out for cookie cutter manufactures! I'll come visit when you get a better place to live. It doesn't sound too fun, to be honest.

  4. How exciting! Nothing goes as is always worse; you know how positive I am though! I am glad you guys are safe. Good luck with everything! Stay in touch. I am with Lauel though, I'll come visit when I can just flush my waste away without a bucket.

  5. Im with Cameron, i like to flush my waste! haha. It sounds almost like being a missionary having to wash your clothes by hand and all, at least i had to. Anyways, I'm glad you made it!Keep us posted!!

  6. So excited for you guys!! Sam and Brodi really miss you, so do BJ and I. My dad always said, "When the fun stops the adventures begin." We are excited to hear more about your adventures, we hope they are fun too.