Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hooray! We have a blog now!

Welcome! This is our amazing, awesome, totally cool BLOG! We got tired of telling our excellent adventures over and over so we decided to start this blog so you all can follow along with us on our journeys. 

Hello, I'm Tyler 

This is my woman, Miranda

And this is our pet fish, named Tuna, and snake named Toby

We just got married on 3/11/11. We're pretty cool people. If you don't believe us, this is us on a quad riding down the beaches of Mexico on our honeymoon.

Well now that we're married, moved out and on our own, we've decided to pack up and head off to China, because, well, why the heck not?? We leave May 11 at 7:35am and are counting down the days. We have no job for either of us when we get there, no place to live, and best of all no money to live off of. Yeah, we're pretty stinking excited!! 

Neither of us really want to stay here in the valley and just fart around until we have an accident child or something. Instead we want to roam the world and THEN have an accident child or something. 

The plan right now is to move to Guang Zhou (It's a huge city just two hours from Hong Kong), find jobs for the summer, start school in September, and have a chill life in China for a few years (at least 4 so I can graduate). Some people we talk to about all this think we're crazy. Yup, we're not normal, sane, or logical that's for sure, but w.

Anywho, we hope you enjoy our posts and that this blog becomes a great way for you to hear more about our excellent adventures without us actually having to talk. Peace!

Tyler & Miranda

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